Full name

Alexandra Ausenda


Art director


Lyon, France


I passed my degree in the Emile Cohl art school (France), in 2003.

I am a professional art director and concept artist.
I conceive and illustrate new worlds, places, stories and characters for animation movies, games , illustration projects, visual communication or for my own entertainment.

I like being involved in the construction of the visual identity of the project.
The commissions permit me to be confronted to different styles and renew myself.
My goal is to find a form in adequacy with the content.

I have been in charge of driving the visual direction and quality of many different projects: imposed licence games as well as ambitious and original projects on a variety of platforms
Some of my tasks included working with the teams or an art director to create and convey the look and feel of the games, and translating ideas from thumbnails to the finished design for characters, environments, and props animation.

On the one hand, I am able to receive directions but, on the other hand, I am also able to make strong, self-directed decisions, with a focus on performance and results.
Possessing communication, diplomacy, and negotiation skills, I adapt my management and communication styles to accommodate multiple challenging situations and personalities.

I’m currently available for contract or full time work.